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Acid Casein

5600.0 EUR / 1 MT

Acid Casein is a dried granular, free flowing powder with high protein content, produced from fresh pasteurized skimmed cow’s milk, which is enzymatically coagulated. Acid Casein is primarily used in infant nutrition, sports nutrition, as an ingredient of meat products, sweets, bakery products, cheeses and dairy products.

Acid Casein is available in 20/25 kg bags and in “big bags”.

Average shelf life of Acid Casein is about 12 months.

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Milk Powders

Milk Powders are obtained by drying cow’s milk; they retain the most valuable proteins, such as: fats, sugars, minerals and vitamins, which are the constituents of milk. Foodcom offers Milk Powders, which may be used for further production of foods and feeds, which are dealt with on a daily basis by the consumer.

Milk Powders offered by Foodcom consist of: Skimmed, Fat Filled and Full Cream Milk Powders, Caseins, Lactose and other similar products.

1 ton = 2000 lb ~= 907kg~= 0.907 Tonne

1 tonne = 1000kg ~= 2205lb ~= 1.102 ton

nazwa produktucenawalutazmiana (%)
Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)2100.0EUR / MT
Full Cream Milk Powder (FCMP)3000.0EUR / MT
Fat Filled Milk Powders (FFMP)2050.0EUR / MT
Rennet Casein5300.0EUR / MT
Acid Casein5600.0EUR / MT
Lactose800.0EUR / MT
Prices updated weekly. Subject to final approval by Foodcom Inc
nazwa produktu
cenawalutazmiana (%)
Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP)
2100.0EUR / MT
Full Cream Milk Powder (FCMP)
3000.0EUR / MT
Fat Filled Milk Powders (FFMP)
2050.0EUR / MT
Rennet Casein
5300.0EUR / MT
Acid Casein
5600.0EUR / MT
800.0EUR / MT
Prices updated weekly. Subject to final approval by Foodcom Inc
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