Read our report on the newest developments in the global grains market. Take a look at the shrinking corn supplies in Ukraine, record wheat shipments from Russia to Algeria, poor weather conditions for corn harvest in China, and concerns over declining crop production in the EU. 

Discover the selected highlights from the global innovation food market. Take a look at unexpected raw materials enabling biotech companies to develop sustainable alternatives to conventional dairy and protein sources. 

The most recent tender – event 289 – on Tuesday, August 3 with the GDT Price Index down 1.0%. A total of 24,084MT of product was sold on the day.

Discover recent news and developments from the U.S. agricultural market. Top stories include shutting down of dairy farms, wheat export figures in July with estimates for the year, decreased cattle numbers, international trade reform proposals, and efforts to keep American farmland in the hands of the nationals. 

Here we are with a new batch of news from foodstuffs business. We present you with info about Russian embargo, and it's consequences, plans of the USDA, new investments of Cargill, recent purchase on European market and increasing Chinese imports. Have a good read!

We present you with the most important news from the global dairy sector. Read stories regarding shipments to China, cost of milk  in Spain, dairy situation in Australia, USDA's estimates and dairy plants in New Zealand. 

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