Market analysis

Read our report on the global fishmeal market. Learn about the production process and the application of fishmeal. Take a look at market characteristics, global trade, and projections for the future. 

Have you been looking for more info about feather meal? Take a look at an interesting animal feed additive gaining popularity in recent years. Read about how the feather meal is produced and how it can benefit the prosperity of the business. 

In this article we focused on blood meals. Read our overview of blood meal products. Take a look at the production process, nutritional value, and application of blood meal. Discover also the insights from the global market and learn what factors enhance the development of the sector. 

Read our report on the EU dairy extra trade in the first half of 2021. Take a look at slightly decreased exports and skyrocketing imports of butter. Learn about the largest Polish shipments of SMP and cheese products to third countries. See also which countries have recently become the key importers of the EU-origin WMP. 

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