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Amino acids play a crucial role in the organism’s protein synthesis and serve as building blocks for proteins. Beta-alanine is a non-essential acid naturally produced by the synthesis of other proteins in the human body. However, dietary supplementation with beta-alanine is advised when insufficient natural production occurs or when dietary intake is too low. 



Beta-alanine finds its main application as a diet supplement offered to athletes specializing in high-intensity sports. It is commonly used as an additive for sportsmen aiming at boosting their exercise performance and reducing post-effects of intense physical activity. 


Technical aspects 

Beta-alanine enhances the production of carnosine within the muscles helping to prevent the formulation of lactic acid responsible for post-training pain and soreness. It also reduces the feeling of fatigue and muscle soreness after physical activities. Carnosine is an antioxidant and can aid in the excretion of excess metals from the human body. Beta-alanine is also proven to enhance the exercise performance of athletes. Research has also shown positive effects of beta-alanine in cognitive performance enhancement, stress reduction, and PTSD treatment. 


Shelf life

The shelf life of beta-alanine is 2 years. The product should be kept in dry, cool storage.



Foodcom S.A. offers beta-alanine purchases in bags of 25 kg or so-called big bags. 



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