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Amino acids play a crucial role in the organism’s protein synthesis and serve as building blocks for proteins. Threonine is obtained by fermentation with the use of the microbial process. It contributes to the proper functioning of the animal’s immune and digestive systems as well as feather synthesis. Threonine is particularly desired in the low-protein diets of poultry and swine. The product is highly appreciated by the manufacturers as it allows for lower feed costs and intensified productivity.



Threonine is an important ingredient in animal nutrition. The product is added to feed premixes in order to maintain the desired level of threonine which can be insufficient in other protein sources. Threonine is an important ingredient in feed for poultry, swine, and aquaculture.


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Technical aspects

Threonine provides a high-quality source of energy and serves as a regulatory agent in feed consumption and digestion resulting in improved gut health and a stronger immune system. It contributes to the development of skeletal muscle and enhances body weight gain. Threonine is also responsible for lowering nitrogen excretion levels into the environment. In pig diets of low crude protein content, threonine is the desired additive for performance support.


Shelf life

The shelf life of Threonine is 2 years. The product should be stored in a dry environment at a temperature below 25°С.



Foodcom S.A. supplies Threonine in 25kg bags and so-called big bags.


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