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Pea Protein 80%

Pea Protein 80% is obtained from golden or yellow pea by dry and liquid processes. In the dry phase, the pea shell is mechanically removed and milled. Later, the pea flour is obtained and thanks to its water-solubility properties, proteins are separated and collected through centrifugation.


The final pea protein product is a beige powder, clean in taste.



Pea protein is used in many vegetarian and vegan products as well as sports nutrition. It can be used in products such as smoothies and shake mixes, plant-based meat substitutes, vegan ice-cream, and yogurt alternatives. Pea protein is also popular in the bakery sector and as a component of ready meals. It can be texturized to make meat analogues, and raise the protein content of meat replacers.


Technical aspects

The product has a very high protein content, it is also a great source of iron and amino acids. It is a component of many diets due to its non-allergic properties and high digestibility.

Pea protein is a good emulsifier and foaming agent. Water-binding capacity, nutritional benefits, foam expansion, and stability gelation are major functional properties of pea protein concentrates and isolates.


Physico-chemical analysis

Protein content – 55-90%

Ash content – 4.1-5%

Fat content – <3%


Shelf life and storage

Pea protein is stored in cool and dry warehouses, preferably with no access to light. If stored properly, the shelf life of pea protein is up to 24 months.



20-25kg bags, or Big bags.


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Pea Protein 80%

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