Animal fat

Animal fats for feed industry

Animal Fat is obtained from wastes and by-products collected from the slaughterhouse. The raw material is cooked, drained, and later pressed. Sometimes it is also centrifuged to eliminate any foreign material. The final product is solid or pasty at room temperature.

Animal Fats offered by Foodcom include: Poultry Fat, Pork/Bovine Fat, and Mixed Fat.



Animal Fat is a popular component of animal feed, especially for cattle, swine, and poultry. 



Technical aspects

The supplementation of Animal Fat provides the animals with essential fatty acids and lipids responsible for animal growth performance and health. Animal Fat is also characterized by a higher digestibility rate than e.g. palm oil. The product stimulates the immune system and enhances the muscle-to-fat ratio.


In a poultry diet, a well-balanced profile of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids is crucial for their performance.


In cattle and swine diets, the addition of animal fat ensures a higher energy intake.


Animal fat supplementation also allows for dust reduction and improved diet palatability.


Physico-chemical analysis

Total fatty acid – min. 90%


Shelf life

The shelf life of Animal Fat is 12 months. The product should be stored away from the light.


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