Poultry Blood Meal 88%

Poultry blood meal is obtained from fresh blood collected from poultry animals. The blood is preserved on-site to avoid coagulation and later transported to the processing plant. It is then centrifuged to remove any foreign particles and spray dried. Such a process enables the preservation of higher lysine content.

The final product comes in the form of a dark-red loose meal without lumps or foreign particles.



Poultry blood meal is a popular additive to animal feed where higher protein content is desired. It is commonly used as an ingredient in aquaculture and petfood. 


Technical aspects

Supplying animal feed with poultry blood meal enriches the diet with proteins while also providing a set of nutritional components such as lysine, vitamins, and minerals. The high content of protein enhances tissue formation while lysine ensures the proper functioning of enzymatic reactions and carbohydrate metabolism. Poultry blood meal is also highly digestible and easy to mix with other additives.


Physico-chemical analysis

Crude protein – 88%

Moisture – 1-4%

Ash – max. 4%


Shelf life

The shelf life of Poultry Blood Meal 88% is 3 months. The product should be stored in a dark, dry, and well-ventilated warehouse.



Foodcom offers Poultry Blood Meal 88% available in polypropylene bags of 800 – 1400 kg.


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