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Gouda 45-48%

Gouda 45% is a Dutch yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a ripened (semi) hard type cheese. The process of Gouda cheese manufacture involves coagulation with rennet, whey and lactose removal, cooking, brining, and molding. The ripening process takes between 4 weeks to over a year depending on the expected final product.


Gouda is one of the most popular cheeses all over the world. It is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. The product is available in many different types, with different fat contents (most popular – 45% and 48%) and shapes. It has a mild-taste that grows stronger with the length of the maturing process.



Gouda 45% is mainly destined for direct consumption as snacks and as an ingredient of sandwiches, salads, toasts, burgers, and tortillas. Gouda cheese is also destined for shredding, grating, and slicing. Other applications include pizza toppings, cheese-based sauces and dips, soup premixes, flavored crackers, and chips. Gouda cheese also finds many applications in the confectionery and bakery segment.



Technical aspects

The product is available as a block or cube wrapped in foil with red or another color. It comes in the form of a soft, flexible, and uniformly mass of light-yellow color. The taste of Gouda is mild, gentle, and aromatic with a delicate aftertaste of pasteurization that may be slightly sour or spicy. Gouda cheese is characterized by a distinct mild and slightly sweet flavor. It has a firm, smooth texture and consistency.



Range of Gouda offered by Foodcom

  • Gouda 45% fat in dry matter

  • Gouda 48% fat in dry matter


Thanks to our experience, we can also offer Gouda with low salt content which ensures a more savory taste.


Physico-chemical analysis

Fat – min. 45%.

Dry matter – min 55%

pH – 5,2-5,4

Salt – 1,2 – 2,0g


Shelf life

Depending on a country of origin, Gouda has a shelf life of about 3-12 months. The product should be stored at a temperature between 2 °C and 10 °C.



Gouda is usually available in 3 kg blocks or 15 kg euroblocks.



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Gouda 45-48%

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