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Acid Casein

The Acid Casein is made from pasteurized and skimmed milk coagulated with hydrochloric acid. After coagulation and the curd formation, it is separated and rinsed from the whey proteins in order to purify the final product. Later, it is concentrated, ground, and dried.


The final product comes in the form of a small-grained, free-flowing powder of light color, with a neutral odor and taste.



There are many applications for Acid Casein in segments such as infant nutrition, sports supplements, processed and analogue cheeses, beverages, coffee whiteners, dietary goods, and meat products. It is also an important ingredient of creamers, cream liqueurs, nutrition bars, and sports drinks.


Casein obtained by coagulation with the use of acid is also popular in cosmetic, paper, and paint manufacturing industries. It is also adopted in the production of waterproof casein adhesives used for gluing wood, veneers, plywood, furniture, texture, leather, aluminum foil. The plastic Galalite is also made from casein.

Technical aspects

The product has a great nutritional value due to the high content of amino acids and protein. It also has emulsifying and water-binding properties. Adding acid casein improves the texture of the final product and allows for stable and consistent flavor. Thanks to its thermostability it is widely used in processed cheese production.


Physico-chemical analysis

pH – 4,1-4,9

Protein – min. 83%

Fat – max. 2%


Range of acid casein offered by Foodcom

Foodcom S.A. supplies natural and fresh Acid Casein with 30 to 90 mesh.


Shelf life

The average shelf life of the product is 12 months. It should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse at a max. temperature of 25 °C and relative humidity of max. 65%.



Acid Casein is available in 20/25 kg bags and in “big bags”.


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Acid Casein

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