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Milk Protein Concentrate 80%

Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) is a concentrated milk powder that most usually contains 80% milk protein. It is produced from fresh, pasteurized skim milk by filtration, evaporation, and spray drying. In different varieties of MPC, the level of lactose is dependent on the level of protein – the more protein is found in the concentrate of milk protein, the less lactose it contains. The final product is a loose powder of clean, milky taste and smell.



The ratio of high-protein and low-lactose content makes this product commonly used in manufacturing low-carbohydrate foods and protein-fortified beverages. It can also be added to baking products, desserts, cultured products, dairy-based beverages, sauces, yogurts, ice-cream, and cheeses among many others. MPC is also utilized to manufacture pediatric, medical, geriatric, and sports nutrition as well as meal replacement and weight management products. It is a popular ingredient of low-fat and lactose-derived products.

Milk Protein Concentrate can be used as a substitute for Whole Milk Powder or Skimmed Milk Powder while achieving the same protein levels.


Technical aspects

Milk Protein Concentrate has great foaming, texturing, water-binding, and coagulation properties. Its excellent nutritional value is owed to a high level of concentrated protein.  MPC was found to improve rennet coagulability, decrease gelation, and enhance curd firmness. MPC is also characterized by a high level of solubility and resistance to heat. The addition of MPC increases the levels of calcium and vitamin D.

The production of MPC is deemed more environmentally friendly than industrial casein production, requiring the use of acid.


Range of Milk Protein Concentrate offered by Foodcom

We can provide MPC 80 with Halal/Kosher certification. To cater to our Business Partners needs, with can provide MPC with other protein content:

  • MPC 60%
  • MPC 70%
  • MPC 85%

Shelf life

The average shelf life of Milk Protein Concentrate 80 is 24 months.


As a dairy powders provider, Foodcom supplies MPC in 25 kg bags and in “Big Bags”.


Why choose Foodcom as a European Dairy Provider?

The high quality of services provided by Foodcom is confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.

Our great team of Sales Support will help our Traders conduct the contract and business deals in a smooth and efficient way to ensure the best quality service to all our Business Partners. Foodcom’s logistics team will take care of transportation and the financial department will be responsible for all matters connected with the financial part of the deal.

Milk Protein Concentrate 80%

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