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Whey Protein Concentrate 35% (WPC 35)

Whey Protein Concentrate 35% (WPC 35) is obtained in the production of sweet whey with the use of an advanced ultrafiltration process at very low temperatures. Such treatment enables the protein content to be no less than 35% in dry matter. The levels of lactose, protein, and amino acids are similar between WPC 35 and Skimmed Milk Powder, while the latter also contains casein. WPC 35 is an inexpensive source of dairy solids and protein as well as vitamins, calcium, riboflavin, and niacin.


The final product comes in the form of a free-flowing, homogenous powder of creamy white to yellow color, without foreign odors or tastes.



Whey Protein Concentrate 35% is commonly used in the production of such products as pastries, yogurts, dietary goods, desserts, creams, and infant foods. It is commonly used as a cost-efficient substitute for Skimmed Milk Powder.



Technical aspects

WPC 35 can be used as a substitute for SMP (skimmed milk powder). It serves as a great fat imitator and stabilizer. WPC 35 also has gelling properties and hydrophilic quality and thus can be very useful in the manufacturing of processed products and can act as a replacer of egg whites. The important feature of WPC is also the whipping and foaming ability, which is beneficial in the production of desserts (whipped cream) and dietary products. WPC 35 also enhances firmness in the texture of the product and reduces acidity.


Range of Whey Protein Concentrate offered by Foodcom

Foodcom also supplies Whey Protein Concentrate with a protein content of 15% to 80%. Among other popular contents are:

  • WPC 35
  • WPC 60
  • WPC 70


Shelf life

The average shelf life of Whey Protein Concentrate 35% is about 12 months. The product should be stored in a dry, clean warehouse with a max. temperature of 25 °C and relative humidity max. 75%.



Foodcom S.A. provides Whey Protein Concentrate 35% in packs of 15/20/25 kg or so-called „Big Bag” (500-1000 kg).



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Whey Protein Concentrate 35% (WPC 35)

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