Liquid Dairy Products

Foodcom S.A. supplies its partners with a wide range of dairy liquids. Our products are made using high-quality milk from European manufacturers. Liquid dairy products contain fats, proteins, and lactose in variable amounts offering different properties depending on the intended use. 


Milk: Raw milk, Organic raw milk, UHT, Skimmed milk, Skimmed milk concentrate

Raw milk is a homogenous liquid with a characteristic smell and creamy white color, directly collected from farm animals. Milk is the base-line product for the majority of dairy segments. Depending on the process, it is used in the production of yogurts, butter, cheeses, creams, and many more. 


UHT milk is produced by heating milk to around 140ᵒC for 2-5 seconds in order to sterilize the product and eradicate bacterial growth. Such a process allows the extension of the product’s shelf life up to 9 months. UHT process is also cost-efficient and enables to save energy. 


Skimmed Pasteurized Milk is prepared from raw milk by mechanically separating almost all fat and reducing its saturation to 0,05% or less. The product is also pasteurized to remove any pathogens and extend shelf life. 


Skimmed Milk Concentrate 35% (SMC 35%) is produced from fresh pasteurized cow’s skimmed milk by removing the water. SMC is a white liquid of creamy texture and a clean, milky smell. It contains about 35% dry matter. Skimmed milk concentrate is used in the production of flavored milk and low-fat yogurts. 


Liquid whey concentrate 

Liquid whey concentrate (LWC) is a homogenous, viscous liquid of creamy or light-yellow color. It has a typical delicate sweet taste of the cheese whey with no foreign odors. Liquid whey concentrate is a by-product of cheese manufacture and is produced through ultrafiltration of fresh whey and partial evaporation of water. Foodcom S.A. offers LWC containing 18% or 32% dry matter. The product is usually used as an additive to both animal feed and food products such as yogurts, fresh cheeses, sweeteners, sports nutrition, confectionery, and baked goods. Liquid Whey Concentrate is also an alternative to dry powders as it lowers milk consumption and increases the content of solids.



Industrial Cream 40% is produced by separating fat from milk through the centrifugation process. The end product is an emulsion of water and fat, containing also proteins, minerals, calcium, and vitamins. The fat content in pasteurized cream is between 38% and 43%. In the dairy industry, cream is popular in the production of butter, cheeses, ice cream, sauces, and other dairy products such as chocolate manufacture or baked sweets. Cream 40% is also a popular flavor enhancer and is sometimes used for its whitening properties.



Buttermilk concentrate

Buttermilk concentrate is produced from milk with the use of a cream separator. It is acidified to ph4 or less in order to allow the concentration of the product. Buttermilk concentrate contains high levels of phospholipids which serve as emulsifiers. Moreover, it is used for enhancing the smoothness and texture of baked goods, chocolate, and other dairy products. Buttermilk is considered a by-product but its high levels of milk-fat globule membrane offer a range of applications with relatively low costs. 



Foodcom – your entrusted European Dairy Provider

Foodcom S.A. offers its partners transparent conditions and competitive prices in wholesale dairy liquids purchases. Our network of entrusted manufacturers in Europe ensures the highest-quality product and successful business transaction. Foodcom S.A. quality service is confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate. 


Dairy liquid products provided by Foodcom S.A. are transported in silo trucks. The trucks are only used for food transport, in clean, suitable containers for prevention of contamination and other negative effects. A cleaning certificate of immediately previous cleaning (max. 48 h) is presented to the recipient plant. 

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