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Soy flour, non-GMO

Non-GMO soybeans are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and debris, to be then cracked, dehulled, and turned into flakes, from which oil is extracted with the use of solvent. The soy flour is then produced by milling non-genetically modified soybean flakes. Final soy flour is a fine powder of creamy or light-yellow color.



Soy flour and soy derivatives are some of the most popular components of animal feed, calf milk replacers, poultry nutrients, aquatic feed, and pet food.


Technical aspects

Non-GMO soy flour is rich in high-quality protein, fiber, iron, and calcium. It fortifies cereals, allows smoother digestion and delivers nutritive, functional aspects to animal feed mixtures.


Physico-chemical analysis

Protein content – 50-52%


Shelf life

Non-GMO soy flour can be stored for 12 months in dry, cool conditions.



The product is available in 25 kg or 50 kg bags.



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Soy flour, non-GMO

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