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Fat Filled Milk Powders (FFMP)

Fat Filled Milk Powder is manufactured by blending vegetable fat and high-quality skimmed milk. This mixture is then spray-dried. Fat filled milk powder can be a total or only partial whole milk powder / full cream milk powder substitute, as it is more economical. It can be achieved thanks to similar organoleptic, physical, and chemical properties. The most popular vegetable fats used to ensure the most common 26-28% fat content in the product are coconut and palm oil.

Foodcom offers Fat Filled Milk Powder that has a delicate milky scent and taste and is a creamy color.



The usage of FFMP is dependent upon the protein content. Products with proteins amounting to a minimum of 24% are used in the manufacture of yogurts, kefirs, and curds.When the protein content is lower than 20%, the product’s thermostability allows for its use in dairy-based drinks, coffee creams, soup premixes, confectionery, baked goods, and reconstituted milk.

Technical aspects

The content of protein varies depending on the intended use. The product with a lower content of protein (less than 20%) is used when to reconstitute milk in beverages. Fat filled milk powder with high protein content (more than 24%) is used when fermentation must take place. In fat filled milk powders, the fat comes from vegetable sources. The product can be enriched with vitamins and lecithin-like emulsifiers.  Adding lecithin to fat filled milk powder enhances its wettability and solubility. It also has stabilizing properties in frozen products. Moreover, the product is easy to store, resistant to hydrolysis and oxidation, and cost-efficient.


Shelf life & storage

The average shelf life of Fat Filled Milk Powder is about 12 months. Milk powder should be stored in dry, clean, and airy storage rooms on clean wooden Euro pallets at a distance of at least 50 cm from the walls. The temperature in warehouses should not exceed 25 °C, with relative humidity not exceeding 75%.


FFMP is available in individual packages in 4-layers paper bags (spec. LABR 35-Z1) of 25 kg with an inner polyethylene foil bag, welded and sewn together with a paper pad.


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Fat Filled Milk Powders (FFMP)

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