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Mozzarella 40%

Mozzarella is a fresh, rennet traditionally southern Italian cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. The production of mozzarella initiates with the pasteurization of milk and adding starter cultures in order to produce the casein coagulum. Later, the whey is separated and drained. The obtained curd is formed, milled, treated with hot water, and eventually brined. Mozzarella cheese does not undergo the process of aging.


The final product has a sweet, mild taste and low moisture content. The texture is firm with a smooth surface and white to ivory color.



Mozzarella has many functional properties ideal for industrial applications such as melting and shredding. These features make Mozzarella a perfectly suitable ingredient of pizza, salads, ready-cooked dishes, lasagna, pasta, soups, and sauces.



Technical aspects

The most notable characteristics of mozzarella are excellent elasticity and melting properties. The perfect ratio of protein and fats enables smooth melting without crystallization. Mozzarella is also used in order to improve the appeal of the products, ensure mild flavor, and enhance the nutritional value. Moreover, it has great elasticity and adds viscosity to the products.


Mozzarella cheese is characterized by a high content of moisture and lactose, finding its application in a range of products where Maillard reaction is desired. The product also has high levels of protein, calcium, zinc, and vitamins A and B12.


Physicochemical analysis

Moisture – 49±2%

pH – 5,1-5,9

Salt – 1,0±0,3%


Shelf life

Mozzarella has a standard expiration date of 50 days from the production date. The product should be stored in refrigerated storage at temperature 2 °C – 10 °C and kept from light and any smells.



Foodcom S.A. delivers Mozzarella packed in 3 kg blocks or euroblocks (around 15 kg). Foodcom S.A. can also provide shredded mozzarella packed in bags.



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Mozzarella 40%

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