Plant-based proteins

Foodcom S.A. supplies its partners with a wide range of high-quality plant-based products offering a variety of solutions for food production, animal feed manufacture, and other applications. 



- Soy 

Soy flour is produced through the cleaning and milling of soybeans. Foodcom S.A. offers feed-grade soy flour made from non-GMO soybeans with a protein content of 50-52%. The product is rich in high-quality protein, fiber, iron, and calcium. It fortifies cereals, allows smoother digestion, and delivers nutritive, functional aspects to animal feed mixtures. 


Soy protein concentrate (SPC) is a purified product obtained from defatted soy meals. The product is characterized by high digestibility and good levels of amino acids, bolstering animal growth. SPC is a popular ingredient of calf milk replacers, poultry and piglet food, and aquaculture nutrition. Lower levels of antigenic substances in SPC allow for its wider application in comparison to soybean meal.


- Wheat 

Hydrolyzed wheat gluten is a fraction of wheat grains composed mainly of proteins subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain soluble amino acids. It is widely used in the sports nutrition and bakery industry as well as in animal feed and cosmetic products. Hydrolyzed wheat gluten's main properties are high protein content, high solubility, and high digestibility (around 95%).


Vital Wheat Gluten is produced from wheat flour to obtain pure gluten powder. It serves as a meat substitute in vegetarian cuisines due to its binding properties allowing for a meat-like, chewy structure. Vital Wheat Gluten is also a popular ingredient in the animal feed and baking industry. 


Wheat Protein Concentrate (WPC) is a by-product of the wheat starch extraction process. Foodcom S.A. offers feed-grade Whey Protein Concentrate which provides a highly digestible nutritional enhancement to the animal diet, allowing for stable growth and illness resistance. 


- Pea

Pea protein is obtained from golden or yellow pea and is characterized by very high protein content and a strong amino acid profile. The product is widely used in many vegetarian and vegan products as well as sports nutrition.


- Potato

Potato protein is obtained by the starch extraction process with the use of acid. Feed-grade potato protein is mainly used as an animal nutrition additive due to its protein content and high digestibility rate of around 85%.


- Hemp

Hemp Protein Concentrate is a by-product obtained in the oil extraction process from the grains of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp protein is characterized by a high content of proteins and fiber, and a beneficial fatty acids profile. The product is a popular ingredient in sports nutrition, animal feed, and hair-care cosmetics. 


- Rice

Brown Rice Protein is a high-quality protein source obtained from brown rice grains. The product is characterized by high levels of protein and a strong amino acid profile and is thus widely used in muscle-enhancing sports nutrition and vegan foodstuffs. 


- Corn

Corn Gluten Meal is a by-product obtained in the production of maize starch. The product is widely used in the animal feed industry due to its high digestibility rate and high protein content. 


- Sunflower

Sunflower Concentrate is produced from natural sunflower seed meal. It is characterized by a balanced composition of amino acids and high levels of crude protein. Sunflower Concentrate is used in the food industry and sports nutrition as well as in the pharmaceutical segment. 




Dextrose (d-glucose) is a simple sugar, obtained from starch by acid or enzyme hydrolysis. The most popular starch sources for dextrose production include corn, wheat, and potato. It is widely used as a sweetener in the confectionery industry and also in weight-boosting sports nutrition products. Dextrose is also found in pharmaceuticals such as intravenous solutions and dialysis. 





- Wheat

Native Wheat Starch is a purified, unmodified, and natural product obtained from plants. It is characterized by emulsification, binding, water retention, and clouding properties. Native Wheat Starch is widely used in the confectionery and bakery industries as well as in pharmaceutical and animal feed sectors. 


- Corn

Native Corn Starch is obtained through cleaning, milling, and starch extraction from raw material. The product is widely used as a thickening, anti-caking, and dusting agent in food production. Native Corn Starch also finds its use in pharmaceutical, textile, and adhesive industries as well as animal feed manufacture.


- Potato

Native Potato Starch is a carbohydrate product characterized by excellent binding and thickening properties. In comparison to corn starch, potato starch remains stable in high temperatures and is thus widely used in confectionery and bakery industries. 





Amino acids are organic compounds mainly consisting of hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon. Each amino acid also has a characteristic side-chain group. Their key functions include tissue growth and absorption of nutrients and are thus widely used as animal feed additives. The most popular amino acids are Phenylalanine, Leucine, and Tryptophan. Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) consist of essential amino acids such as leucine, valine, and isoleucine, often derived from soy or corn.  

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