Native Wheat Starch

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Native wheat starch is a purified, unmodified, and natural product obtained from plants. Wheat is first cleaned, dehulled, and milled, then to be processed with the use of water in order to separate the starch. 


The product is in the form of white, fine powder of neutral smell and taste. 



Native wheat starch is widely used in food products such as confectionery, desserts, baked goods, and snacks, as well as ready meals, custards, dry soups, and sauce premixes. It is an ingredient of batter and breading mixtures. Other applications include dairy products such as cheese, seafood goods, and alcoholic beverages. 


Native wheat starch is also used in the pharmaceutical sector. A large portion of Wheat Starch is used by the paper making industry.


Technical aspects 

Native wheat starch is characterized by emulsification, water retention, and clouding properties. It is insoluble in cold liquids and alcohol. Its binging qualities allow for enhanced smoothness and creaminess. Native wheat starch also improves the texture and thickens the product. 


The unbalanced stability in high-heat, low temperature, and acid processing enables a wide range of usage of native wheat starch. 


Depending on the extraction method, native wheat starch can be considered a gluten-free product thus applicable to goods aimed at customers with gluten intolerance. 


Physico-chemical analysis

Ph – 5-7

Protein – 0.2-0.3%


Shelf life

The shelf life of the product is 12-24 months if stored properly in cool and dry conditions. 



25 kg net paper bags, 1,000 kg net big bags, and bulk in silo trucks



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