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Sweet Whey Powder (SWP)

Sweet Whey Powder (SWP) is produced by drying Sweet Whey Concentrate – a by-product from hard cheese production. Foodcom provides SWP which undergoes the procedure of spray drying used to ensure a good flow.

Sweet Whey Powder is a loose, uniform powder soluble in water. It has a light cream color and a typical smell of sweet whey powder without other aftertastes or other smells.




This product is widely used and intended for use in the following industries:

– In the dairy industry in the production of: spreads, sour cream products, cottage cheese and curd products, yogurts, ice cream, condensed milk, processed cheeses, drinks,

– In the feed industry for the production of: feed for agricultural animals, incl. production of milk substitutes,

– In the meat processing industry in the production of: boiled sausages, frankfurters, small sausages as a substitute for milk powder,

– In the confectionery and bakery industry in the production of: confectionery, bakery products, chocolate pastes, candy fillings and various glazes,

– In the oil and fat industry in the production of mayonnaise and fat sauces,

– In the perfumery and pharmaceutical industry in the production of: a variety of shampoos, creams, masks, cosmetic serums, medicines.

Technical aspects

Its excellent browning properties are used for the enhancement of color during cooking and baking with the use of high temperatures. Sweet Whey Powder is also used for improving loaf volume in bread. Its free-flowing and solubility properties are adopted in dry blends. SWP also allows for the formation and stabilization of emulsions.


Range of Sweet Whey Powder offered by Foodcom

Foodcom offers food, along with feed grade Sweet Whey Powder, which is confirmed by our GMP+ Certificate.

Physico-chemical analysis

Protein – min 11%

Fat – max 2%

Ash – max 8.0%

Lactose – min 70%

Shelf life

The average Shelf life of SWP is about 18-24 months. The product should be stored in a dry, clean warehouse with a max. temperature of 25°C and relative humidity max. 75%.


Foodcom supplies its Business Partners with Sweet Whey Powder in packs of 25 kg, or so-called Big Bags with polyethylene liner inside heat sealed.



Why choose Foodcom as a European Dairy Provider?

The quality of Foodcom S.A. service is confirmed by BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.

Foodcom is able to provide SWP with a Halal/Kosher certificate.

Our great team of Sales Support will help our Traders conduct the contract and business deals in a smooth and efficient way to ensure the best quality service to all our Business Partners. Logistics team will take care of transportation and the financial department will be responsible for all matters connected with the financial part of the deal.

Sweet Whey Powder (SWP)

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