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Cream 40%

Cream 40% is produced by separating fat from milk through the centrifugation process. The end product is an emulsion of water and fat, containing also proteins, minerals, calcium and vitamins. The fat content in pasteurized cream is between 38% and 43%.

Dairy cream is a uniform, typically white liquid without foreign bodies, butter lumps, oil or foam. It has a pure smell and flavor.



In the dairy industry, cream is popular in the production of butter, cheeses, ice cream, sauces, and other dairy products such as chocolate manufacture or baked sweets. Cream 40% is a popular flavor enhancer and is sometimes used for its whitening properties.



Technical aspects

Cream is obtained by mechanical separation of two streams in the centrifuge, one of which is the water and fat emulsion – the cream. After that, the product is sometimes homogenized.

In domestic trading, it is common to calculate the cream prices on the basis of the fat calculation unit price because its content in cream can fluctuate each time. In international trade, cream is based on tons of fat matter.


Physico-chemical analysis

Fat content – 28 – 42% (target value: 38%)

pH value – 6.4 – 6.85 % (target value: 6,6-6,7%)

Protein content – 1.8% – 2.5% (target value: 2.1%)

Free fatty acids calculated and Oleic acid  – target value: max 0.30%

Phosphatase and peroxidase – absent


Shelf life

The product is stored at the temperature of 6ᵒC or less.


Packaging and transportation

The trucks are only used for food transport, in clean, suitable containers by prevention of contamination. A cleaning certificate of immediately previous cleaning (max. 48 h) is to present to the recipient plant. Delivery takes place in a maximum temperature of 6ᵒC.

Transport containers that are in contact with the raw material, do not impair the quality of the raw material. They are in accordance with the current legal requirements for food, especially the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.



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Cream 40%

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